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Remove Unattractive Growths

At Gavino Dermatology, we understand that certain moles or skin growths can be unattractive or embarrassing. We offer mole removal in Leander and Liberty Hill to help you feel confident in your appearance. We use the latest techniques and equipment to safely and effectively remove unwanted moles, ensuring minimal scarring and a speedy recovery. We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique concerns and goals.

woman during consultation for mole removal in Leander and Liberty Hill

What Are Moles?

Moles, also known as nevi, are clusters of melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment melanin) on the skin. They can vary in size, shape, and color but are usually small and dark brown. They can appear anywhere on the body, and the average person has between 10 and 45 moles. Moles can develop, change, or even disappear due to hormonal changes during adolescence, pregnancy, or with age. It is not unusual for these changes to occur.

Risk Factors for Melanoma:

  • Having a large number of moles
  • Family history of melanoma
  • Fair skin, red or blond hair, and blue eyes
  • History of sunburns and excessive sun exposure
  • History of indoor tanning
  • History of previous melanoma
  • Weakened immune system

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It’s important to note that having one or more of these risk factors does not necessarily mean you will develop melanoma, and conversely, not having these risk factors does not mean that you are immune to the disease. Regular mole check-ups and self-examinations can help detect changes early and ensure timely treatment. At Gavino Dermatology, our multi-board-certified dermatologist will closely monitor your moles to keep you safe and healthy.

Moles & Melanoma

Moles are typically benign, but in rare cases, they can develop into a type of skin cancer called melanoma. It’s important to have any new or changing moles examined by a dermatologist to check for abnormal characteristics, such as asymmetry, uneven color, or irregular borders. If caught early, melanoma is highly treatable, but if left untreated, it can be life-threatening. Regular mole check-ups and self-examinations can ensure timely treatment.

woman before mole removal in Leander and Liberty Hill

Symptoms of Suspicious Moles:

  • Asymmetry: one half of the mole does not match the other
  • Border: the edges of the mole are ragged, irregular, or blurred
  • Color: the mole has shades of tan, brown, black, blue, white, or red colors
  • Diameter: the mole is larger than a pencil eraser (about 6mm)
  • Evolution: any change in size, shape, color, elevation, or another trait of the mole

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Melanoma Screening

Early detection is key to treating melanoma successfully. That’s why we offer regular mole screenings to identify any suspicious moles and address any concerns you may have. During the screening, our dermatologist will carefully examine your moles, including those that are difficult to see and take note of any changes or abnormalities. If needed, we may recommend a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. Regular screenings ensure melanoma is detected and treated as early as possible.

Benign Mole Removal

At Gavino Dermatology, we offer mole removal for moles that are physically or aesthetically bothersome. The procedure involves numbing the area and removing the mole using a razor blade, scalpel, or punch device. Depending on the size of the excision and the method used, the dermatologist may use sutures. Our experienced dermatologist will ensure the procedure is done safely, minimizing any scarring and ensuring a speedy recovery.

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Gavino Dermatology is a comprehensive dermatology practice specializing in mole removal and melanoma screening in Liberty Hill. Our practice is led by Dr. Carlo Gavino, a quadruple-board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist specializing in cutting-edge surgical treatments for mole removal in Leander and Liberty Hill. He listens to your concerns and goals and curates personalized treatment plans to ensure safe and consistent results. Please schedule an appointment to explore your mole removal options.

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