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Reduce Unwanted Expression Lines

Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment that uses a small amount of a naturally occurring protein called botulinum toxin to temporarily relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and fine lines. It is most commonly used on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. Botox is a safe and effective way to achieve a more youthful, refreshed appearance without surgery.

Botox in Leander and Liberty Hill

Botox Treats:

  • Wrinkles on the forehead
  • Frown lines (vertical lines between the eyebrows)
  • Crows feet (horizontal lines around the eyes)
  • Smile lines (lines around the mouth)
  • Bunny lines (wrinkles on the bridge of the nose)
  • Perioral wrinkles (lines around the lips)
  • Neck bands

How Botox Works

Dynamic wrinkles, also known as expression lines, are wrinkles that appear when we make facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning. These wrinkles are different from static wrinkles, which are present even when our face is at rest. When you’re young, dynamic wrinkles only appear when you actively contract your facial muscles. But years of continued use can deepen the facial muscles, leading to the permanent appearance of expression lines.

Botox is made from a highly purified form of botulinum toxin, a naturally occurring protein that can temporarily paralyze targeted muscles. When injected into the facial muscle responsible for wrinkles, Botox in Leander and Liberty Hill temporarily blocks nerve impulses to that muscle, causing it to relax. This, in turn, reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother and more youthful appearance. The results usually appear over several days and last for 3-4 months.

Prevent & Delay Wrinkles

You can start undergoing Botox in your early 20s to prevent wrinkles and delay the signs of aging. Dynamic wrinkles become permanent because of the overuse of certain facial muscles to convey expressions. If you start undergoing Botox in your 20s, you can prevent the overuse of facial muscles, thus preventing the wrinkles from deepening. Those who start Botox treatments at an early age can maintain smooth, wrinkle-free skin well into their 30s and 40s.

woman during PRP injections for hair loss treatment in Leander

Benefits of Botox:

  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Quick and easy treatment with minimal discomfort
  • No recovery time needed
  • Long-lasting results (typically 3-4 months)
  • Can improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Safe and effective with minimal side effects
  • Can prevent wrinkles and delay the aging process

To learn more about the benefits of Botox in Leander and Liberty Hill, please contact our office for an appointment.

Your Experience

During your Botox session, our medical providers will consult with you to understand your goals and concerns. They will carefully examine your skin and the targeted areas. The treatment itself takes only a few minutes. The medical provider will use a fine needle to administer small doses of Botox to specific muscles. You may feel a slight sting or discomfort during the injection, but this is usually minimal and temporary. The treatment concludes within 15 to 30 minutes.

woman after hair loss treatment in Leander

The Botox Results

The results of Botox typically start to become visible within 3-4 days, with the full effects visible within 14 days. The results typically last for 3-4 months. To maintain the results, please schedule maintenance treatments every 3-4 months. The frequency of treatments may vary depending on the individual and the area being treated — our providers will advise on the best schedule. Regular maintenance allows you to enjoy a youthful, refreshed appearance for years to come.

Recovery & Side Effects

Botox in Leander and Liberty Hill involve minimal recovery time and side effects. You may experience slight redness and swelling at the injection site, but this should subside within a few hours. There may be mild discomfort or headaches, but these side effects are temporary and can be managed with over-the-counter medications. You can resume your daily activities and work immediately, but please avoid strenuous workouts and direct sunlight for a day or two.

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